10 Pitfalls that will Totally Ruin your Child Custody Case

One of the most emotional things in life that you may never want to go through is a child custody case for your child. Even your divorce lawyer cannot fully prepare you for a child custody case. At the time, you may not realize it yet, but you will find that these child custody cases can take a great toll on your child’s life emotionally and mentally as well.

Below are some few things that you must never do in any child custody case.

  1. Bad mouthing your spouse to your child

You will realize that most spouses who are trying to win a child custody case, try to bad mouth the other partner especially to their child in an attempt to get on the child’s good side. You need to consider the impact that this will have on your child before you begin to blabber about how the other parent is bad and doesn’t love the child.

  1. Saying and even doing things in an attempt to make the child feel some remorse for you

The consequences involved at this point are likely similar to that in the first point. You may be trying to make your partner look like the villain in your child’s eye without even noticing and may end up creating more rift between the child and the other partner.

  1. Avoiding to speak to your partner


It doesn’t matter what might have transpired between you two that made you separate. What matters most is supposed to be the well-being of the child you chose to have together. Your child needs to be the one reason that you two come together and speak to each other. Come together and talk to each other for the sake of your child.

  1. Preventing your partner from seeing the child

This is another wrong move that you do not want to make if you want your child both emotionally and psychologically. Don’t make your child have to pay for whatever you and your partner are going through.

  1. Lying to the court about an alcohol consumption or drug abuse problem

You do not need to lie to the court if you have a drug abuse or alcohol consumption problem. Be straightforward and tell the court the truth. The court is only concerned about how your drug use is affecting your child, and not the drug abuse itself.

  1. Splitting up your children

Never, under any circumstances, split up your children after separating with your partner. Most parents prefer filing for custody of their biological children and ignoring the rest if the other partner had children before he/she met you. Even the court is against this option, unless it is the only one left to turn to.

  1. Not being adequately prepared for the court experts coaching children

Failing to mentally prepare yourself for the family sessions set-up by the courts can cost you a lot with your custody case as some judges pay a lot of attention to these scheduled family reports. These reports can either make or blame your custody claim.

  1. Allowing your child to play off your partner for you

You will lose the ability to parent your child if you allow such a thing to happen. So, don’t! Your child may end up taking advantage of this and use your weakness to control you, of course, they do this without fully realizing what they are doing.

  1. Involving your child in your legal proceedings

Even the court doesn’t allow this and, in most cases, if a judge realizes that you did this, then you will be held for being in contempt of court orders. Your child doesn’t need to know about the legal proceedings regarding your separations.

  1. Putting the custody case before the best interests of your child

It is very common for parents to end up so immersed in the custody cases that they forget to realize that their children need them. Neglecting your child will only end up pushing them further from you. You may not intend it, but it will happen if you don’t control it.