5 things your slip and fall lawyer must do to win your claim






More often than not, accidents occur due to error and omission of another. Slip and fall accidents can happen in places such as;

  • Commercial property
  • Public property
  • Private property
  • Rented property

Unfortunately, these accidents result in incapacitation and disruption of one’s daily life routine with adverse psychological, physical, emotional, financial and social implications on the victims. Wet surfaces, slippery floorings, poor lightings, unsecured construction sites, uncleared snow on ways, are some of the leading causes of these accidents. These freak accidents may result in fractures, abrasions, torn clothes, internal bleeding, head injuries, dental injuries, and consequential losses such as the inability to attend a meeting to close a business deal. It is crucial for the victim to contact a slip and fall lawyer Toronto immediately and seek advice so that a watertight suit can be filed against the liable party.

The slip and fall lawyer is supposed to follow five procedures to ensure that you win a premise liability case against the responsible party.


Collect admissible evidence from the slip and fall scene

Although it is difficult for you to contact your lawyer immediately after a slip and fall, you may ask the people around you to make the contact. The lawyer might directly visit the scene of the accident and collect all the information pertaining the accident such as the pictures of the floor, path, or surrounding, evidence of a caution sign, and witnesses account recordings and their names and working addresses.

Limit any contact between you and the liable party

The liable party in a bid to shield themselves from liability try to trick the victim to settle out of court. Additionally, the owners of the property may try and fool you to take the blame and exonerate themselves from any negligence lawsuits. Lawyers are better placed to communicate on your behalf to any party as they are professionals in this field.

Prepare the paperwork

Documents for court cases include the cash receipts from the hospital and drug stores, a statement from your employer indicating how much money you have lost following the accident, audio and video recordings of reactions at the scene of the accident, the doctor’s/physicians report and a psychological evaluation report. Such a compilation not only informs the court about the accident but give them grounds to deliver a verdict not mentioning supporting your claims based on losses and turmoil experienced.


Notify the property owner about the suit and claim amount promptly.

By this time, the lawyer would have assessed whether you have a case against the negligent party. The lawyer would then notify the accused about the demand of a claim. If the accused does not comply, the lawyer will then proceed to the next step of filing a statement of claim at the court. It is crucial that the filing is done in days after all the documentation have been done to avoid flight-risk accused of running.


Vetting witnesses

Some witnesses may not have captured all the facts as slip and fall accidents occur in brief time. Their testimony might then be inadmissible as the defence lawyers interrogate and tear their accounts. A lawyer should ensure that the witnesses have a chronological statement that is consistent with the all the documentary evidence presented before the court.

In conclusion, a slip and fall lawyer who has dealt with similar cases for many years will be your best chance of winning your case. They will know what to do and when to do it which will save you a lot of time and money.