Four Benefits of Working with a Family Lawyer for a Divorce

A family lawyer works with a married couple in order to resolve or settle a variety of disputes. One of the most common types of disputes that a family attorney works on is a divorce. Working with a family attorney to negotiate divorce settlements helps to ensure that both partners have their rights protected under Canadian law. Consider these four benefits of working with a family attorney for a divorce.

Setting Up Child Custody Arrangements
When a divorcing couple has minor children, the lawyer works to establish a child custody arrangement. If there is more than one child, a custody arrangement might need to be set up for each child. In some cases, a teenage child might need a different arrangement than an infant, toddler or preschool-age child. The lawyer negotiates with the other partner’s lawyer to set up visitation, living arrangements and the sharing of holidays and other special events that might be contentious.

Assisting With Child Support Agreements
Another important part of a lawyer’s work is to assist with child support agreements. If one parent will have custody over the children, the other parent may be required by law to pay child support. Different life situations might require different levels of support. For example, a 17-year-old might need support for car insurance and a college education, while a toddler may need child support to include daycare, diapers and other needs.

Establishing Spousal Support Payments
Establishing spousal support payments is another service that a family lawyer could provide. If one parent stayed home with the children and has little prospects of finding a job that would meet his or her income needs for housing, transportation and other basic requirements. Spousal support is often designed to allow the lower-earning spouse a level of living that is similar to what he or she enjoyed while married. The arrangements might be cancelled or payments reduced upon remarriage or the receiving spouse’s return to gainful employment.

Agreeing on Division of Marital Assets
The division of assets brought into or earned during the marriage is often a subject of disagreement during a divorce. A family attorney works with the client to set up an equitable or acceptable division of the marital assets. For example, if one partner wants to remain in the family home, the lawyer might work out an agreement such that the other partner receives half the value of the home in cash or in other assets. The division of marital assets might include vacation properties, individual items of value and intangible items such as stocks. For those interested in learning more, please visit Matrimonial Home.