Four Common Types of Birth Injuries

The birth of a baby is usually a happy occasion for the parents, family, and friends. However, it is not the case in the event of a birth injury. When the baby or mother is injured significantly, or either of them passes on, the family is robbed of the joy that comes with birth. Personal injuries resulting from medical malpractice ought to be handled by a qualified personal injury lawyer.

Types of birth injuries

Oxygen deprivation

When a baby does not receive enough oxygen, it can cause severe health issues to the newborn. The birth trauma may occur in many ways such as when the placenta separates earlier than it should or when the umbilical cord is entangled around the baby’s neck. Oxygen deprivation usually damages the child’s cerebellum, which is the part of the brain that controls motor activities. Consequently, the child is likely to suffer from cerebral palsy.

Your baby may also suffer from lack of sufficient oxygen if he does not start breathing independently after birth. Delay in breathing that lasts for three minutes increases the risk of chronic brain damage. Such birth injuries may destroy brain cells within a few minutes. It may also cause total or partial blindness, learning disabilities, seizures coma and other complications.

Caput succedaneum

The condition often occurs shortly after birth and is characterized by scalp swelling. Mostly, pressure on the baby’s scalp during prolonged vaginal birth causes caput succedaneum. Also, it may result due to inappropriate use of vacuum extraction devices.


Fractures are some of the commonest birth injuries. Usually, the clavicle is most affected, and it results from breech delivery or shoulder dystocia. The injury makes it difficult for the baby to move the arm on the affected part. A soft bandage or a splint may be required to prevent the jostling of the hand until the baby is healed.

Bell’s palsy

It is also known as facial paralysis, and it occurs when the child’s facial nerves are damaged during birth or labor. In most instances, nerve damage results from pressure on the newborn’s face during his passage via the birth canal. It may also result from inappropriate use of forceps during delivery. You are likely to notice the nerve damage when the baby cries since the muscles on the affected side do not move. Bell’s palsy is likely to heal without medical treatment if the injury is minor. However, if the nerve is torn, surgery is necessary to ensure the muscles are restored to normal function. You may be able to gain additional insights at Bogoroch & Associates LLP.

Many of birth injuries heal with time without any medical intervention. Most babies will recover without major complications. However, specific outcomes are dependent on a variety of factors such as the extent and the cause of the injury. If you are a victim, you need to hire attorneys from reputable personal injury firms.